Barcelona, June 29 to July 3. CARME 2003 . Correspondence analysis and related methods.

Amsterdam, July 1-5. 1996: XVIII Internacional Biometrics Conference. Udina's abstract for his talk in the invited session on Dynamic graphics is available here in postscript format.

There was an invited session devoted to Statistical Computing in Lisp at the Joint Meetings of the ASA in Orlando, August, 1995. Here is the abstract of my talk.

There was a Workshop on Design and Implementation of Data Analysis Systems, Heidelberg, March 23-26, 1995. Main contact: G. Sawitzki, Statlab Heidelberg. There our talk was about Interactive data transformation and parameter adjustment: a graphical interface tool . Here is the abstract. A draft is available right now. In the same directory there are some lisp-stat programs to work with it.

Frederic Udina contact me (sending mail to <>.)