This is XLS-Biplot home page

XLS-Biplot is a software package to construct biplots. See some examples here.

If you want to know more about it, take a look at the XLS-Biplot User's Manual.

For an overview, there is a paper here (it has been published in the Journal of Statistical Software)

Experimental Biplot Web server

To give it a try, click here then paste soma plain data matrix with your data....

UNIX/GNU/Linux users

Download the full distribution: xls-biplot1-1a.tgz. Unpack it with

tar -zxf xls-biplot*.tgz
and take a look at the users-manual by opening the file

If the tar call above failed, use
gunzip xls-biplot*.tgz
tar -xf xls-biplot*.tar

MS-Windows users

Download, then unpack it preserving directory structure (Winzip should do it), then look at the users-manual, file index.html, for a section named "Installing and configuring XLS-Biplot under MS-Windows"

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