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Pantalles de presentació de la conferència "L'urna i la bola de vidre" que vaig fer a l'Ateneu Barcelonès el 2 de juny del 20111.

Resum en video de la conferència: Esquivant les trampes dels sondejos electorals from ACCC on Vimeo.


Teaching resources

We have a directory where some teaching aimed data sets are kept and described.

People at stat.ncsu have an interesting site with more data sets for teaching.

Don't miss the path to UCLA Statistics program big WWW server.  They, as we do, used to believe in XLisp-Stat as a good tool for teaching support. Just try this.

Here is another xlisp-stat demo about moving averages. Try it out!.

(To see these xlisp-stat demos, you need to have xlisp-stat installed and declared as helper for your browser)

Other teaching resources

Frederic Udina