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Free software

Free software is not only open source and free to use, distribute and modify, it's usually better than commercial software. It's also the best counter exemple for the simplistic utility models for human behaviour. These are some of the pieces of free software I use and enjoy:

Are you a Unix newcomer? a Lisper?

Try the Unix on-line Help.

També tinc una petita guia sobre les ordres bàsiques de Unix escrita en català. Mira-te-la i pren-la si t'agrada.

And if you're a lisper, you will need access to Steele's book Common Lisp, The Language"

HTML, Postscript, what else?

We have a copy of the Beginner's guide to HTML and a copy of the full WWW Handbook, take a look on it
The complete HTML 4.01 specification is a useful tool.

TTH is an very good translator from TEX or latex to HTML, free for non-commercial uses. Here we keep a copy of the manual.

And the A first guide to Postcript a guide written by

The best academic web site I know

It's Luc's Devroye home page.

Other web pages I like...

Catalan poetry, Antoni Clapès

My computers used to contribute to BOINC projects


Climate prediction


These are my numbers, according boinc.synergy:

And some anchor points to...

The Departament d'Economia of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Barcelona is a pleasing place to live in. I like biking through BCN, here are some friends,   here are some other.

We also have some pictures for your pleasure.

Frederic Udina